14 Reasons Why Your ATV Pulls To The Right or Left

If your ATV or UTV pulls to the right or left, it’s often a simple fix. When it’s not a simple fix, it’s often something stupid or broken, as I’ve learned through the years. Here are the things you can check to see why your ATV or side by side pulls to one side. 1. … Read more

Is Power Steering Worth It on an ATV or UTV?

Yes, power steering on an ATV or UTV is very much worth it! Power steering will… Help resale value. Lower rider’s fatigue. Be more new-rider friendly. Make it easier to steer when loaded down with gear. Make your ride more predictable and more effortless. Fight kickback when going over rocks or other rough terrains. Allow … Read more

Do Atvs Have Automatic or Manual Transmissions?

There are 3 different types of ATV and UTV transmissions. Automatic (CVT) Semi-Automatic Manual (Clutch and gear shifting) It’s more common to have an automatic (CVT) transmission on most ATVs/UTVs except for racing quads which use manual transmissions. It’s super rare to find a 4 wheel drive ATV with a manual transmission, a semi-automatic is … Read more