Me in a UTV getting Gas

Who am I?

I’m Lee, the owner of GoodMuddin.com, and I’ve worked in the ATV industry for several years. I’ve owned many ATVs, worked on countless ones, and even spent some time selling them at an ATV dealership.

Before I started this website, I noticed there was a lack of information on the internet about ATVs. Sure, there were forums, but they were unfocused and a mess, you could spend hours looking for the answer to your question. With my experience working at a dealership, fixing them and years of owning ATVs, I thought, “Why not create a website that addresses many of these questions and offers my personal take on them?”

When I Created GoodMuddin

I founded GoodMuddin in 2015 to help answer common questions people had about ATVs, and later side by sides (UTV). I began working in the ATV industry in 2006, so I’ve amassed a good amount of knowledge when it comes to these four-wheelers.

Back when I started, a Side by Side or UTV was little more than a basic golf cart. Seeing the evolution of these vehicles has been amazing and provides me with plenty to discuss.

ATVs I’ve Owned

At the time of creating this site, I had what they called a “Mud Machine,” which was a Can-Am xMR. This is where I got the name for this website; it was truly Good Muddin!

That is also where I learned that I don’t need a 1000cc ATV, but I have a post on that. Lately, I’ve calmed down and ride more practical machines.

I did have Eiger, Can-Am Traxter, and Brute Force. The Traxter was a great machine, and probably the most favorite ATV I ever owned.

Future Content

I’m not a big fan of doing reviews; plenty of people already do that. Plus, these ATVs and UTVs are evolving so rapidly that it would be impossible to keep up.

I primarily focus on writing articles that assist people with their ATVs. Common problems they run into and fixes for the many problems. Every so often I’ll write a personal “rant”, but overall, I want to be more helpful than rant-y.

Some of the best articles I write are inspired by readers like you, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me below.


Email: [email protected]

I know the email looks funny, but I’ll get them. I do it as a privacy thing and to cut down on the spammers. If you’re a spammer, don’t email me.


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