[Fix] Why Your ATV Is Smoking

If you’re noticing smoke coming from your ATV, it can be a cause of concern and sometimes it’s nothing. The color of the smoke will determine what problems, if any, that your ATV has and what you should do about it. In this post, I want to go over what causes an ATV to smoke, … Read more

Bad Stator: Will An ATV Still Run?

ATVs are fun machines that can take you many places that you normally won’t go with your car or truck, until an unexpected issue puts a halt to your journey. One such potential troublemaker is the stator, a important part of your ATV’s electrical system. If something does happen to your stator, will your ATV … Read more

How To Tell If ATV Fuel Pump Is Bad [FIX]

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Why Your ATV Backfires [8 Reasons]

Revving up your all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for a fun ride through the trails and woods can be a great experience, but if you’ve ever noticed loud popping noises coming from your ATV’s exhaust, then you’ve encountered backfiring. Backfiring can not only startle riders and fellow enthusiasts but also indicate potential issues with your ATV’s engine … Read more

[FIX] Limp Mode For Can-Am ATVs

If you own a Can-Am ATV, you may have come across “Limp Mode” or “Limp Home Mode”. Limp home mode can be confusing, especially since the ATV still runs, but much slower. You may be wondering what you should do and how to fix this mode. Also, you may wonder if you can reset or … Read more