6 Reasons Why ATV Tires Are Expensive

All ATVs need tires, and they don’t last forever, as covered in our post here.

When you’re in the market for new tires for your ATV, you may have noticed that they can get expensive.

It’s wild how ATV tires can sometimes cost as much, or even more, than car or truck tires. Why is that? Let’s break it down and also share some tips to help you save some cash on your next ATV tire purchase.

Why Are ATV Tires So Expensive?

The reasons why ATV tires are expensive can be summed up in the list below.

  1. Special and unique design.
  2. Types of materials needed.
  3. Production volume.
  4. Market size.
  5. Brand.
  6. Shipping costs.

ATV tires are more costly because of the market and their unique design. They’re built differently than regular car tires, since they go more places and do more things. Also, since fewer ATV tires are produced compared to car tires, their price tends to be higher. Plus, let’s face it, anything labeled as “fun” in the power sports world usually comes with a higher price tag.

Why Are ATV Tires So Expensive Right Now?

During the lockdowns and still happening today, everything got more expensive.

There were supply chain issues, printing of money, and high demand for many items as people were stuck at home. Most of this still ripples today and will for years.

I don’t think prices will return to normal, and ATV tires will for sure keep going up. You may run into some good deals every so often, but we’re never going to see cheap ATV tires again.

How Much Do ATV Tires Cost?

ATV tires can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on the style, abilities, and tread you want for ONE tire.

You can often buy ATV tires online* and get them shipped to your home. There are special deals on ATV tires every so often that allow you to buy multiple and sometimes save money.

You will need to get the ATV tire installed on the rim and if you don’t have the right tools to install tires, you need to take it to a tire shop. The cost to mount and balance an ATV tire is not always included, learn more here.

Where To Go To Get ATV Tires Installed?

If you bought your ATV tires online or from another retailer, and they did not install them, then you can take the tires to any tire shop to get them installed.

Most tire shops can mount and balance ATV tires for a fee. Some specialty tires may not be possible at many tire shops if they don’t fit on their machine.

You can also install the tire yourself with tire spoons*.

Why Are ATV Tires So Expensive To Ship?

When looking to buy new tires for your ATV, the price alone is high, but then when you get to shipping costs, it really goes up.

The reason why ATV tires are so expensive to ship is because they big, heavy, and oddly shaped.

Most ATV tires are shipped without a box, they slap a mailing address on the tire itself and send it off. Putting the tire in a box would mean you either compress the tire, which damages it, or you need a big box in a special size that is even more costly.

Since the tires are not in a box, they can’t be stacked with other items easily. The tires end up taking a lot of space in the delivery truck, and thus you pay more for shipping.

How ATV Tires Are Made

The process to make ATV tires is similar to car and truck tires, the video below goes into more details of the process.

Best Time To Buy ATV Tires?

The best time to buy ATV tires is when they go on sale, and that happens most often in the off-season.

Don’t expect to find good deals on ATV tires in the middle of the riding season for your area. When demand is high, cost always go up.

When it slows down is the time you should be looking for tire deals. Don’t be afraid to price shop other dealers and even check out your local tire ship for deals on ATV tires. Not many people know that the places that sell car tires can also get ATV tires shipped in, and they can install them, too.

Sum Up

The high price tag attached to ATV tires is due to their specialized design, the materials used, limited production volumes, and the complex nature of the tire market.

Their ability to navigate rugged terrains and provide stability in the most challenging conditions warrants the use of superior technology and materials. Coupled with factors like brand value, shipping hurdles, and current economic fluctuations, it becomes clear why ATV tires don’t come cheap.

As enthusiasts or potential buyers, understanding these underlying reasons can help in making informed decisions and appreciating the value behind every dollar spent.