Why Your ATV Is Clicking – It’s Usually Simple

There are 2 common reasons why your ATV clicks, either the battery is weak, or the starter relay is bad.

The number of clicks you hear determines which of the two it is. In the rare chances, it might not even be the battery or starter relay at all.

Continue reading to see what this all means for you and your ATV.

Multiple Clicking

If you hear multiple clicking coming from your ATV it’s usually two things.

  1. The battery is weak.
  2. Or the battery is dead.

The first thing you should do is try to charge the battery with a 2 amp 12-volt smart battery charger (Amazon Link Ad). Avoid charging over 2 amps as this could damage this size battery.

Tip: If you’re storing your ATV for months it’s best to disconnect the battery cables and keep the smart battery charger on it. A smart battery charger will charge the battery as it’s needed and keep it from dying early.

If charging the battery doesn’t work you should then take it out and load test it. You can get a battery load tester here (Amazon Link Ad) or you can take the battery to any auto parts store and have them test it for you. Avoid the fancy digital battery testers as they’re made for cars, you need the old school ones with a needle and one button like the picture below.

Battery Load Tester

If the battery doesn’t charge and fails the load test you’ll need to get a new battery. If the battery is 3 to 5 years old you should replace it anyway as that is about how long you get of these batteries.

Note: Make sure the connections to the battery are clean too. Dirty contacts can make it seem like the battery is weak or dying but it’s the cables not allowing enough power through.

Why Does The Battery Die?

The battery dies because you’re not riding your ATV enough or you used a cheap “Walmart” battery. Don’t go cheap on your batteries unless you got a pull-start backup on your ATV.

I’ve been known to carry a jump pack for this reason when going on rides with others, just in case someone’s battery goes flat.

You can learn more about why your ATV battery dies and how to keep it from happening.

One Click

If you’re getting one click, it is usually a solid thump; then it’s a bad starter relay (also called a starter solenoid).

starter relay up close
Starter Relay

The starter relay going bad is not as common as the battery going bad but does happen. The starter relay takes a lot of abuse because of the amount of electrical current that goes through it. The starter relay is what connects the battery to the starter motor to turn the engine over and get it running.

Before messing with the starter relay, you want to disconnect the battery from the ATV.

The starter relay is often not too far from the battery or near the fuse box. It will have 2 big wires going to it, one from the battery itself and 2 little cables going to the electrical/fuse area.

It’s not hard to replace one if you have basic tools, but make sure the battery is disconnected before you do so. I say this because I’ve welded my finger to a battery post and a wrench before and have the scars to prove it, so when doing anything electrical disconnect the battery!

While you’re there replacing the relay makes sure the connections are nice and clean. Sometimes mud and dirt can get on the connectors, and that can cause your ATV to click or not start.

Something else

If you replaced the battery or even the starter relay and it still clicks then recheck the battery.

Yes, recheck the battery.

I’m telling you, the battery is 90% of the starting issues that most people see. Even if the battery is new get it checked with a load tester at the auto parts store. I’ve seen many new batteries that are “charged” but, in fact, are actually dead.

If you rechecked the battery, then it’s something else.

The next thing I would check is all of the fuses to make sure none of them are blown. Make sure all the connections to the fuses are clean and don’t have dirt on them.

Bad Starter Motor or Hydro-Locked?

If nothing else worked then it could be a bad starter motor not fully engaging that is making the clicking sounds.

If you have taken the ATV out in the mud, you could also hydro-locked it. Water got in the engine and the click could be the engine ceased up. If that is the case, you need to stop pressing the start button as you could be bending a rod.

If you have gotten to this point, you need to get it to a shop to get worked on. There could be many things to look for, and there is only so much I can say here.

For most of you, it’s either going to be…

  • Bad or Weak Battery
  • Bad Starter Relay
  • Bad Starter Motor

Anything beyond the first two requires a mechanic to look at.