ATV Accelerates When Turning – How To Fix

If your ATV revs up or accelerates when you turn the handlebars left or right, then it’s often a problem with your throttle cable.

The throttle cable is caught on something, and when you rotate the handlebars, it’s pulling the throttle in more.

The best option, especially if this started happening out of the blue, is to take the ATV to the dealership and have them properly adjust the throttle cable.

You can adjust the throttle cable yourself, and it’s not hard, especially with carbureted engines, but fuel-injected ones may need the throttle position sensor reset, and that can only be done at the dealership.

Check To See What Is The Cable Catching

What you can do now is check the throttle cable to make sure it’s straight and not caught on something. There should be some slack on the cable but not too much; it should not be tight when the handlebars are all the way turned.

If the cable is tight when the handlebars are turned all the way, you need to find what the cable is getting caught on. It could be something that is a part of your ATV catching it to even a stick that got wedged in the body.

You need to find what the throttle cable is getting caught on before doing anything else.

Adjusting Throttle Cable

If the ATV is older, the throttle cable will stretch out over time.

But this doesn’t always mean you need to adjust the throttle cable.

The adjustments for the throttle cable are inline and often have a rubber sleeve going over two nuts that allow you to adjust the cable.

I would not worry about adjusting the cable right now because your problem is that the cable is caught on something, and adjusting that could make it worse.

You need to see what the throttle cable is stuck on or what’s catching it when you move the handlebars. It’s often something simple, especially if it came out of nowhere.

ATV Shuts Off When Turning The Handlebars

In certain situations, it’s possible for an ATV engine to shut off if the handlebars are turned too much in.

If your ATV is carbureted, the choke cable could also get caught and shut the engine off.

Another thing is that most fuel-injected ATVs have a special switch in the throttle that is supposed to cut the engine if the throttle gets stuck. The video below talks about that situation.

Older ATVs

If your ATV is older and you’ve never done maintenance on the throttle, then your problems could be from that.

Rust, dirt, corrosion, or even a worn-out throttle cable can cause issues with running and idle.

Since every ATV is different, you need to check your owner’s manual for how often you need to lubricate your cables. It’s usually a “general lubrication,” meaning lube anything that needs it at X interval.


Having the ATV accelerate or even shut off when you turn the handlebars is very dangerous.

This is why I suggest you take it to the dealership to get it fixed.

For all you know, it might be a warranty problem and can only be fixed by the dealership.