Why Your ATV Battery Keeps Going Dead

You’re probably wondering why your ATV battery keeps dying. It can be very frustrating to go out to your quad and see that it won’t start.

The reason why your battery dies is mostly to do from it sitting for too long. Unlike your car which you drive daily your ATV battery will die if not run often. The battery needs to be smacked alive to keep it going for years.

Jumping ATV Battery

You can jump your ATV battery, but whatever you do don’t jump it off from your truck or car. You’ll need a battery that is not connected to a car or truck so that you don’t fry the electronics on your ATV or Side by Side. You can get Jump Box like these (Amazon Link Ad) to use for starting the bike or even a car.

I repeat – Don’t jump your ATV battery with a Car or Truck!

With another battery that is isolated just use jumper cables and connect the positive first and then the negative. Sometimes you’ll need jumper cables (Amazon Link Ad) that are smaller than the ones you’ll use for a Car. When disconnecting the jumper cables do the negatives first and then the positive cable.

Be careful of the jumper wires when connected to a battery, they carry a lot of current and can really hurt someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it then contact someone else with more experience like your local dealership. 

Riding the ATV will NOT Charge Your Battery

Running the ATV or even some Side By Sides for a bit will not charge the battery. Your car uses an Alternator which charges the battery when running, but your ATV and some Side By Sides use a Stator. A Stator is there to maintain a charge to power whatever is currently running and nothing more. Where an Alternator is made to charge up a battery and keep it charged.

So riding around for a bit will not help. Sure it will seem like the battery charged after riding for a bit but come the next day or a few hours the battery will be dead again.

How To Keep Your ATV Battery From Dying Early

The best way to keep your ATV or Side By Side Battery from dying off too soon is quite simple. If you can’t ride your machine often then you’ll need to keep it on charge.

You can use a Smart Charger like this one (Amazon Link Ad)to keep your battery in perfect condition. Chargers like these usually come with connections that allow you to have a quick disconnect so you don’t have to mess with too much if you want to take your machine out.

Another option is to use a Solar Panel (Amazon Link Ad). You want to use a solar panel with wattage between 2.5 to 5 watts. Don’t go past 5 watts or you could do some damage to the battery. The solar panel will supply enough power to smack the battery to life when the sun comes up every day. These modern panels don’t need much sun to work either. This is probably the best solution to your ATV battery problem.

If All Else Fails

If all else fail then you need to contact your dealer or local mechanic to see what is going on. The battery could be bad and the only way to know is to remove it and test it with a load tester.

You could have other problems like a rectifier is bad. A bad rectifier would mean the power your Stator produces is not getting sent to the battery.

I’ve also seen fuses that go to the charging system fail too and that be the reason why an ATV battery won’t charge.

At this point, if you don’t know what you’re doing you need to take it to a dealership to get the problem worked out.