The Best Portable Air Pump For ATV Tires

You never really think about it until it’s too late when it comes to tires on your ATV. I’m busy and bending down to inflate or even check my tires before I go out in the field is easy to forget. I’ve recently bought a 12-volt air compressor that I keep on my ATV at all times.

You can get these pumps just about anywhere, but a lot of them are junk.

I wanted to show you the very few air compressors that I trust for my machine. These pumps have saved me and many people out on the trails. Along with these pumps, I still carry a ratchet strap just in case I need to put a tire back on the bead.

Why Carry an Air Pump?

Why? because many don’t. You can be the hero and the hero always gets a beer.

It’s really simple too. They don’t cost much and plug into any 12-volt plug on your machine. Shoot some even have alligator clips so you can connect right to the battery.

What Kind Should You Buy?

When buying an air pump for your quad you really only need to keep one thing in mind. It needs to be portable. You can get some monster units but storage on an off-road machine is a premium.

1. Trudin Portable Air Compressor

The Trudin Portable Air Compressor* is perfect as it’s small and battery-powered which is what we really need for our ATV when stuck in the middle of nowhere.

It has a display and can fill an ATV tire just fine.

The only negative would be that you didn’t charge it before your ride but even then just charge it from your ATV 12-volt power port with the correct adaptor.

2. Slime 12 Volt Air Compressor

You’ll hear Slime get thrown around a lot. For good reason, the Slime Compressor is the one I use and recommend. It’s not fast but it’s reliable.

The Slime Air Compressor* is my go-to for a simple tire inflator.

The built-in gauge works great and will feel an ATV tire up quickly if it’s low on air. It will not push enough air to reseat the bead but using a ratchet strap with it can. You got to keep in mind that portability is key.