ATV & UTV Price Calculator + Financing Calculator

If you’re in the market for a new ATV or side by side (UTV) and want to know if you can afford one, then we have the calculator for you!

This calculator helps you get an idea of how much your ATV will cost “out the door” and the financing cost too.

Note: This calculator is only for playing around and to give you a rough idea, to get an exact quote contact your local ATV dealership.

Loan Total Amount:
Estimated Monthly Payment:


How Long Can You Finance An ATV?

You can finance an ATV for as little as 6 months or up to 7 years.

The most common finance is between 3 and 6 years for an ATV or side by side.

  • 3 years = 36 months
  • 4 years = 48 months
  • 5 years = 60 months
  • 6 years = 72 months
  • 7 years = 84 months

Sales Tax For ATVs?

Every state has a sales tax on ATVs, but the way it’s calculated is different for each state.

Some states have you register your ATV and charge you a yearly fee(s).

Other states treat it like buying a iPad and only charge you once, but the fee is much higher.

Either way, you’ll need to pay taxes on your ATV, even if you buy it out of state. The tax man always wins and always figures it out.

Dealer Costs?

Dealer cost on ATVs can vary from 2% to 8%, but don’t expect to pay what the dealer pays.

Buying an ATV is not like buying a car.

We go over this and more here.

Do You Get A Better Deal If You Pay Cash?

Most dealership prefer you don’t pay in actual cash. Cash is messy, needs to be counted, and needs to be deposited securely at the bank.

Checks are fine, but won’t always get you a better deal.

Dealerships like financing, as many of them get kickbacks from local banks. Also, cash today vs the bank wiring the money the next morning is no different to the dealership. If anything, financing is an easier and cleaner way to get paid compared to checks and actual cash.

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