52 Cool ATV Club Names

One of the hardest things you’ll do when creating an ATV Club will be coming up with the name. The Name has got to reflect your group in a few words, but also must be very catchy.

I’ve come across many names and even created a list of them below. Feel Free to use them, but always check to make sure they’re not taken. You don’t want to be called something someone else already has, or unless you don’t mind.


Off-Road Antics

Mudder Fuckers

Deep and Dirty

Diggin Deep



Mud Gators

Dirty Bangers


Mud Skimmers


Mud Men

Mud Warriors

Massive Mudders

Big Mudders

Little Mudders

Ridin Dirty

Soggy Bottom Boys

Lug Thugs

Mud Slingers

Sunken Deep

Mud Mafia

The Lost Boys (cuz we get lost all the time)

Mud Hawgz

Mud Hogs

The Mud Junkies

Dirt Boys

Trail Boys


Mud Bugs

Bog Hogs

Kings of Sling

Mud Dealers

Mud Hounds

Mud light Riders

The Mud Flaps

The Dirt Dobbers

The Muddy Ducks

Mud and Suds

Always Broke and Bones

Winch Busters

Just Add Water

The Goo Crew

The Mud Hole Boys

Mud Blown



Mud Monkeys

Mudders and Fathers

Mud Dawgs

Lost Traction

Muddy Mistakes

If you want more then check out some more off-road club names here.