How Far Can an ATV or SXS Go on a Tank of Gas?

How far your ATV or side by side can go on a tank of gas dramatically depends on its horsepower, tank size, accessories, and your driving style. Someone who cruises on a 500cc ATV is going to use less gas than the guy who drives his 1000cc ATV hard up a mountain. If I had … Read more

Lost ATV Key – What Do You Do?

We’re only human, so, naturally, we lose our keys. What sucks is when you lose the keys to your ATV and don’t know what to do? For some ATV’s and side by sides, losing a key is not a huge deal. For other ATVs, it sucks, and it’s not an easy fix. Lost Key? – … Read more

ATV Won’t Start – What To Do?

It’s not fun when you go out to your ATV, and it won’t start. There can be many reasons why your ATV won’t start, and we’ll cover them all in this post! What Happens When You Try To Start Your ATV? We’ve organized the list of ways an ATV won’t start in order that we … Read more

32 Must Have ATV Accessories

Before you go and ride your ATV or Side By Side, there are a few must have ATV accessories you need to get. Some of this gear can save your life, make your life easier or simply something everyone should own. So let’s dig into some of the coolest and most essential 4-wheeler accessories. 1. … Read more

How Long Does an ATV Battery Last?

You can expect your ATV battery to last 3 to 5 years. It’s not uncommon for some people’s ATV batteries to only last a year; I’ll explain why that happens below. It’s also possible to go beyond 5 years, and I’ll show you how to do that too. How To Get The Most Life Out … Read more