You Don’t Need A 1000cc ATV

I would get calls all the time from guys looking to buy an ATV and the one they wanted was the 1000cc ones. When someone asks for a machine like that I like to ask what machine are they coming from. I wanted to see how much of a leap they’re going to.

You would not believe it but most the people who ask for a 1000cc machine have never owned an ATV before. Or they owned a 300 or 400cc machine before and wanting to upgrade.

You Don’t Need That Much Power

To be honest, it’s all a giant pissing contest. Yeah, you heard me right. All these manufacturers are just showing off their machines. These manufacturers don’t even release the machines they have waiting with the real power. This year they have 89HP 1000cc engines but for the last 2 years, you can bet they’ve been working on a 101HP 1000cc engine that they can put in an ATV at a moments notice. Like I said, a pissing contest.

So this is where the problem comes in. People think they need that power. You don’t.  Well, some might need and the other guys just like to show off in a drag race. Nothing wrong with that.

But a new guy coming into the market gets confused and thinks that he needs a 1000cc or even 850 or 650 ATV. When a 450 or 500cc machine will work just fine for them. There exist ATV’s that do 50MPH plus in a 500cc frame. Who needs to go any faster?

Don’t Focus on The HP

When you focus on the HP you start to lose out on the reasons why you get an ATV. You don’t need a massive machine to get you through the trail, a mountain bike can do that. Having a good machine is not measured in engine displacement. A good machine will get you where you need it to take you. A good machine will do what you need it to do.

Many 500cc machines will plow snow just fine. Many will get you through a trail just fine.

The Dangers Of Too Big

A lot of new guys don’t understand the power of ATV. I had one guy come in to buy a Mud Ready 1000cc machine because that what he thought he needed. All his buddies had one and he taught it looked good so he had to get it.

I had to let him ride the machine to get him to understand. Luckily this machine had two keys, one for power and the other for easy and slow. I put the slow key in and let him ride it. He was blown away by how fast it was. Then I showed him that he had the slow key in and convinced him that this was too much machine for him.

I let him ride a 650cc for a bit and he was sold. I call the 650 the Goldie locks of engines, not too big and not too small it’s just right.

This whole idea of I need a machine with a big engine has got to stop. I’ve had more fun out of my 570cc ATV than I have with my Mud Racing Quads that do 80MPH plus. I also get more work done with my little old 570.

The great thing about modern ATVs is that many of the smaller cc engines are actually in the bigger units frames. So it doesn’t look like you’re driving small kids ATV around. You actually have a real size ATV that fits a real size person with an engine that fits all purposes. Can-AM does this with their Outlander L models.