Extra Gas on ATV – The Best Way to Carry Extra Gas on ATV

If you ever do long trips on your ATV or even Side by Side you may have run into the problem of carrying extra gas. Sometimes it’s also nice to have some spare gas increase you run out for some reason.

So what is the best solution to carrying extra gas?

Could you just strap down a 5-gallon gas jug to the back of your machine? You could but it’s not recommended. Strapping a big gas tank to the back will give you major sloshing effect when riding and most of these cans are just too top-heavy.

Gas Packs

The solution is simple and easy to get. You must use Gas Packs like these ones here (ad). These are purpose-built to carry gas on the back of an ATV or even side by side. Often called “flat gas cans”.

You can get these packs in many different sizes of capacity. Here are some different sizes…

Attaching It To The ATV

You might have the question of attaching the gas pack to the ATV. There is actually more than one way to attach it to the machine.

You could do the simple, but the not as good method of just using regular ratchet straps to hold it down. You have strap points on the top and bottom of the can to keep it in place. Just make sure the lid on the can is correctly closed.

The other way and the preferred method is to use the fuel pack bracket like this one (ad) to have it out of the way.

The fuel pack bracket gives the fuel pack a stationary place to rest. The best part is that it’s easier to use this bracket than it is to strap the can down. The bracket just has the center lock that you rotate over the center hole of the can to lock it in.

You can mount this bracket anywhere that the hardware allows you. The main point of the fuel tank bracket is to move the can out of the way of the other items you may put on your ATV. It’s well worth the cost and it so simple to use.

Tip: if you don’t know when you’re going to be using the gas in your spare fuel tanks then it would be wise to add fuel stabilizer (ad) to the gas. This will keep the gas fresh for much longer. It would be pointless to have the gas can full of gas and then need them, but come to find out the gas has gone bad.