The Best Way to Silent Your ATV

I’m sure many of you are like me in that you hate having a loud ATV. I have buddies who get the loudest most annoying pipes on earth and all I can do is shake my head. You know the guy, he also has a bunch of other accessories that make the machine more annoying.

I like to take my 4 wheeler out in the morning around my small neighborhood and not wake or disturb the neighbors. On top of that, I do like to go hunting and we all know a loud pipe scars everything away.

So I searched the internet, read many forums, and really look for the best advice I could find about the pipes. This post is where I gathered all the ideas and tips I could find and tell you what really worked for me.

What Really Works to Quiet Your ATV

Let’s get to the point. The only thing I could see that works the best and has the best longevity was to simply buy an ATV exhaust silencer.

Every ATV is a bit different so the amount it can remove the noise will differ but it is quite noticeable if you ask me. I find it worth it since I don’t get that look from the neighbors anymore.

What I Noticed

What I started to notice after quieting my exhaust was that the engine makes a lot more noise than you think. The exhaust covers up the inner noises your engine makes when running. I started to think there was something wrong with my machine since I never really focused on those noises before.

So don’t worry when you place an exhaust silencer onto your quad and start to hear new sounds.

What Didn’t Work The Best

I heard you could place stainless steel scrubbing pads or even copper ones into the exhaust. I tried that and really did not work as well as buying the store-bought silencer. The ATV even sounded odd with the pads in them.

To be honest, I did not get the warm fuzzies from doing this to my machine. It doesn’t seem or sound right so I removed them and went on my way. I don’t recommend doing this. 


If you have a dirt bike or an ATV and you got it second hand all you might need to do is repack it. The muffler could be loud because the packaging is old and worn out. Pick up some repacking material like this stuff here (ad)and watch this video below to get an idea of how to do it.