Solution To A Sore Thumb When Riding An ATV

I like going on long rides on my ATV, but let’s be honest – It can suck after a while. My thumb starts to hurt after riding a couple of hours and I just can’t take it.

Sure the breaks with an ice-cold drink help soothe the problem, but I rather not have the problem, to begin with.

I’ve got some tips and tricks that you can do to solve the sore thumb issue that so many faces when riding on their ATVs.

Thumb Assist

The easiest and really the best option for a sore thumb is to get a Thumb Assist like this one. These things extend the throttle out more and give you more leverage to pull in the throttle.

You can even throttle with your palm to give you, even more, leverage on those long rides.

The best is that it’s easy to install and easy to remove if you decide to sell your ATV.

Adjust The Throttle

You can also adjust the angle of the throttle to better suit your hand. Here is a good video showing you the best way to adjust the handlebars and controls…

Avoid One Speed

It’s important to avoid going one speed for too long. Keeping your hand and thumb in one spot is what causes it to hurt, so make sure you change up your speeds every so often.


Don’t forget to stretch your hands and thumb when you ride. Take breaks every so often so that you don’t wear your hands and arms out.