How Much Does An ATV Weigh – List Of All

The average weight of an ATV is 669 pounds (304kg).

The lightest one weighs 220 pounds (100kg), but this one is made for kids.

The lightest adult size model is the Kymco MXU 150x at 349 pounds (159kg).

The heaviest is the Can-Am OUTLANDER MAX 6×6 XT 1000 at 1,170 pounds (531kg).

ManufacturerModelWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)
KymcoMongoose 70S232106
KymcoMongoose 90S232106
Can-AmDS 70250114
Can-AmDS 90250114
Can-AmDS 90 X250114
Arctic CatAlterra 90260118
PolarisOutlaw 110 EFI278127
PolarisOutlaw 70 EFI278127
YamahaRaptor 90279127
PolarisSportsman 110 EFI289132
YamahaGrizzly 90308140
KymcoMXU 150x349159
KymcoMongoose 270392178
YamahaYFZ450R SE405184
PolarisPhoenix 200420191
YamahaRaptor 700R SE422192
YamahaRaptor 700R422192
YamahaRaptor 700422192
Can-AmDS 250429195
HondaFourTrax Recon434197
Arctic CatAlterra 300477217
KymcoMXU 270478217
KawasakiBRUTE FORCE® 300536244
HondaFourTrax Rancher580264
KymcoMXU 450i608276
KymcoMXU 450iLE608276
Can-AmRENEGADE 570628285
KymcoMXU 450i LE Prime634288
HondaFourTrax Foreman 4X4636289
YamahaKodiak 450637289
YamahaKodiak 450 EPS SE650295
YamahaKodiak 450 EPS650295
HondaFourTrax Rincon657299
YamahaKodiak 700659299
Can-AmOUTLANDER 450678308
Can-AmRENEGADE 850681309
Can-AmRENEGADE X xc 850686312
YamahaKodiak 700 EPS SE686312
YamahaKodiak 700 EPS686312
KawasakiBRUTE FORCE® 750 4x4i689313
Arctic CatAlterra 570 Base699318
Arctic CatAlterra 570 EPS699318
Arctic CatAlterra 700 EPS699318
PolarisSportsman 450 H.O.700318
HondaFourTrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4700318
KawasakiBRUTE FORCE® 750 4x4i EPS700318
KawasakiBRUTE FORCE® 750 4x4i EPS CAMO700318
YamahaGrizzly EPS701318
Can-AmOUTLANDER 570704320
Can-AmOUTLANDER XT 570704320
PolarisSportsman 570705320
KymcoMXU 700i EURO705320
Can-AmRENEGADE X xc 1000710323
Can-AmOUTLANDER MAX 450715325
PolarisSportsman Touring 570728331
YamahaGrizzly EPS SE728331
PolarisScrambler 850735334
Can-AmOUTLANDER MAX 570741337
Can-AmOUTLANDER MAX XT 570741337
CFMotoCForce 400742337
Can-AmOUTLANDER 650749340
Can-AmOUTLANDER XT 650749340
CFMotoCForce 500 EPS758344
PolarisSportsman 850772351
YamahaGrizzly EPS XT-R780354
KymcoMXU 700i LE EPS Euro786357
KymcoMXU 700i LE EPS Hunter Euro786357
KymcoMXU 700i EPS Prime Euro786357
PolarisSportsman X2 570788358
Arctic CatAlterra TRV 700788358
Can-AmOUTLANDER 850800363
Can-AmOUTLANDER XT 850800363
Can-AmOUTLANDER X T-P 850800363
PolarisSportsman XP 1000801364
PolarisSportsman Touring 850804365
Can-AmOUTLANDER XT 1000826375
Can-AmOUTLANDER X T-P 1000826375
Can-AmOUTLANDER X xc826375
Can-AmOUTLANDER MAX XT 650827376
Arctic CatAlterra TBX 700829377
CFMotoCForce 600833378
CFMotoCForce 600 Touring833378
Can-AmOUTLANDER X mr 570843383
Can-AmRENEGADE X mr 570865393
Can-AmOUTLANDER X mr 650874397
Can-AmOUTLANDER MAX XT 850874397
Can-AmOUTLANDER M A X X T-P 850874397
PolarisScrambler XP 1000 S881400
PolarisSportsman Touring XP 1000886402
Can-AmOUTLANDER MAX XT 1000900409
Can-AmOUTLANDER M A X X T-P 1000900409
PolarisSportsman High Lifter Edition921418
PolarisSportsman XP 1000 S970440
CFMotoCForce 800970440
Can-AmOUTLANDER X mr 850990450
Can-AmRENEGADE X mr 1000R991450
Can-AmOUTLANDER MAX 6×6 DPS 4501000454
Can-AmOUTLANDER X mr 1000R1014460
PolarisSportsman 6×6 5701075488
Can-AmOUTLANDER MAX 6×6 DPS 6501100499
Can-AmOUTLANDER MAX 6×6 XT 10001170531

Keep in mind; certain models are 2up. This means they can carry two people because they have seats rated for that. The 2up models will be heavier than their similar 1up counterparts.

Never exceed the rider capacity of your ATV.


For more details about weight from each manufacturer, we’ve listed the link to each one.

Why Weight Matters

There are 3 reasons why the weight of your ATV matters.

  1. Hauling the ATV.
  2. Using the ATV to haul things.
  3. Performance.

Let’s go through each one.

Hauling The ATV

Every trailer has a weight capacity, and you must not go over that.

Also, loading the trailer and the weight at specific points on the trailer affects towing too. This video does a great job of demonstrating this.

The vehicle you tow the trailer will also have a tow weight capacity that you must not go over. It’s not always about taking off but stopping. It would be best if you had a truck with enough weight that it won’t get thrown around when towing and has the braking power to stop.

Make sure you never exceed the towing capacity of your truck or trailer.

Don’t forget the weight of your gear and accessories too!

Using The ATV To Haul Things

I’ve learned the hard way about towing heavy trailers with my ATV. Don’t do it, trust me!

If what you tow is too heavy, it lifts the front wheels and makes steering impossible. But more importantly, stopping is almost impossible too.

So don’t tow things over your towing capacity.

If you plan on using your machine for towing things, you’ll need to focus on buying heavier models. The heavier the ATV, the easier it is to control what you tow.

If you do a lot of towing, consider getting a side by side as they weigh a lot more and will do better at hauling.


The heavier the ATV, the harder the engine has to work.

This is why you see the performance racing model 450’s weigh so little compared to the utility ATVs.

If you like to go fast and play around, a lighter machine will be what you need.

If you like to get work done, then you want the heavier ones.