Review of Plano 1510-01 Rear Mount ATV Storage Box

There is a lot of ATV Storage Boxes to choose from. A lot of the times its a shoot in the dark to even know if a box will work for your needs or do you need to look else were.

One popular box is the Plano 1510 Rear Mounted Box (Amazon Link Ad). One thing I’ve noticed was that there were not many people reviewing or even answering some of the common questions someone might have about buying this box.

This is what I wanted to do; I wanted to show you the benefits and answer some of the questions people might have about this ATV storage box.

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The interior of the Plano 1510 is 36” X 17” X 11”. This is quite a bit of storage space, enough to place two helmets if needed.

The outside of the box is 39.75” X 20.5” X 12.38”. I have put this on a 2008 Can-AM Outlander with no issues and fits perfect on it.


You have two options to mount this box on your ATV. The first was and the best way is to use the u-bolts and attach it to the tubular rack.

The other way is with the straps. The straps are needed when you have a plastic rack like a Polaris or a lot the Can Am’s have.

You could make your own custom mount where you drill into the plastic of the box and the rack to make a custom through hole connection. Make sure to use some silicon to seal up the holes you do make to keep dust and water out.

A Great Feature

What I find great about this box is how it opens. This box opens from the front, so you can access it while sitting on the ATV.

Other boxes open from the rear which requires you to get off the machine, not very convenient if you just need to grab something quickly.

Plus the Plano 1510-01 opens very wide to allow access from the sides too.

Some Assembly Required

When you get the box, you will have to install some of the hinges and latches. Even the locking tabs for putting a lock through are not mounted.

This is nice if you’re like me and have a nicer set of Latches to install instead. It’s not that I don’t trust the latches it comes with, I just find mine to be stronger.

Some people have complained about the hinges and the lid not aligning up perfect. This could be due to shipping, and things may get a little wrapped.

I recommend placing the box and lid out in the sun for a good part of the afternoon so that it can shape back to normal.

Keeps Everything Dry

One thing I was most surprised about this box at this price point was that it did help to keep dust and moisture away. I would not submerge the box, but rain was no problem.

A Little Thin

The box is a little thin compared to the more expensive boxes. I have sat on it and it did support my weight of 240 pounds, but I would not keep anything heavy on it while it’s moving on the back of an ATV. An ATV running around and bouncing around in the woods is a lot different then me sitting still on it.

Can You Remove The Second Seat With The Box Installed?

This will depend on what ATV you have it installed on. I had no problem with my Outlander MAX since the box doesn’t get too close to the seat.

I think a 400cc machine might have a harder time since they’re usually smaller and have smaller gear racks.

What Size Gas Cans Can You Carry In It?

I would not go beyond a 2-gallon gas can. You’ll be more than fine with a 1 gallon can if you got it. I would also stick with the Flat Gas Cans (Amazon Link Ad) since they take up less space, and you could buy a mounting kit like this one (Amazon Link Ad) and mount it away from the box.

What Have You Been Able To Fit In The Plano 1510?

I have gotten lots stuff to fit in this ATV Storage Box. Here is a short list of things I got to fit, not at the same time of course.

How Wide Is The Back Middle Rest Area?

It is 15 inches wide and 7 inches deep. I’m 6 foot tall, and I can sit there no problem, very comfortable.

Can You Mount It In The Front?

Yes, you can mount this box in the front. I would not do it as it’s a very big box and can get in the way of the handlebars.

Since its so big it does block a bit of what you can see in front of you. They make front mounted Storage Boxes For ATV’s Here (Amazon Link Ad).