ATV Accelerates When Turning – How To Fix

If your ATV revs up or accelerates when you turn the handlebars left or right, then it’s often a problem with your throttle cable. The throttle cable is caught on something, and when you rotate the handlebars, it’s pulling the throttle in more. How To Fix ATV Accelerating When Turning The best option, especially if … Read more

How To Put An ATV Into Reverse

Putting an ATV in reverse can be tricky, especially if it’s a manual transmission. Shoot, I’ve even had people have a hard time getting an automatic ATV to go into reverse because they didn’t know the trick. Let me show you how to put your ATV into reverse. Is Your ATV Automatic or Manual Transmission? … Read more

The Best Way to Silent Your ATV

I’m sure many of you are like me in that you hate having a loud ATV. I have buddies who get the loudest most annoying pipes on earth and all I can do is shake my head. You know the guy, he also has a bunch of other accessories that make the machine more annoying. … Read more

How To Lock Down Your ATV

When I use to work at an ATV dealership I would get many stories on people who had their ATVs stolen. Nothing worse than hearing how the thieves just run off with people’s machines. I know the feeling, I’ve had one too many ATVs stolen from me. Through a lot of trial and error and also … Read more