ATV Hours vs. Miles [What Matters?]

Most ATVs and side by sides you get today will have both an hour meter and a mileage meter. Seeing the hour meter along with the mileage can confuse people, as it’s not always a thing on cars and trucks. So, what does it mean, and what should you look out for when buying a … Read more

How To Put An ATV Into Reverse

Putting an ATV in reverse can be tricky, especially if it’s a manual transmission. Shoot, I’ve even had people have a hard time getting an automatic ATV to go into reverse because they didn’t know the trick. Let me show you how to put your ATV into reverse. Is Your ATV Automatic or Manual Transmission? … Read more

Lost ATV Key – What Do You Do?

We’re only human, so, naturally, we lose our keys. What sucks is when you lose the keys to your ATV and don’t know what to do? For some ATV’s and side by sides, losing a key is not a huge deal. For other ATVs, it sucks, and it’s not an easy fix. Lost Key? – … Read more

Top Speed of ATVs and UTVs

You can expect a top speed of around 80MPH for the higher 1,000cc ATV and Side By Sides. There are modifications you can make to go even faster, but this is about where manufacturers set at from the factory. The average speed overall is about 50mph. This is the golden number and plenty fast for … Read more

(What HP?) What Size ATV For Snow Plowing

What size ATV do you need for snow plowing? 800cc or 400cc? The real answer is that horsepower and engine size have little to do with it. In fact, the weight of the ATV is far more important than what engine size you have. A 400cc ATV will plow snow just fine as an 800cc ATV … Read more