Does Snorkeling an ATV Void Warranty?

When it comes to the warranty on your ATV and adding a snorkel, it can get tricky.  Most of the time adding a snorkel does void your warranty or at least parts of your warranty. But manufacturers have been paying attention to the mudding segment and have made some changes to help better protect you.  … Read more

Should You Buy an ATV Without a Title?

I see it all the time… “I found this ATV with little hours, powerful, and at a great price!”… “but it’s missing the title.”  The first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s stolen.  Sure you’ll get a few good ones who have somehow lost the title, but if that is the case, … Read more

Why Your ATV Only Runs on Reserve

The reason why your ATV will only run on reserve is that your higher inlet in your gas tank is clogged. Let me go into more details about this and what you can do about it.  The Point Of Reserve In a carbureted engine like what many ATVs have there is a petcock or also … Read more

The Voltage Your ATV Uses

Sometimes I would help out behind the parts counter when I worked at an ATV Dealership. One of the common questions I would get is what Voltage is My ATV’s Battery? It’s a pretty common question The Standard nowadays is 12 volts. It’s the same voltage your car or truck uses. So this means you … Read more