Can ATV Tires Be Balanced – Should You?

It’s super common for cars and trucks to have their tires balanced. This brings up the question for ATVs, can ATV tires be balanced, and should you do it? The tires on ATVs can be balanced, and a lot of the higher CC engine ATVs often come balanced from the factory. At least with Can-Am … Read more

Can An ATV Run Without A Battery? Dead Battery?

The battery on your ATV is more important than most people realize, especially with modern ATVs. Your ATV can run without a battery if it’s carbureted, but if the ATV is fuel-injected, it will need the battery to run. If you remove the battery from a fuel-injected ATV, the ATV will shut off as the … Read more

ATV Won’t Idle When Warm – What To Do?

An ATV that won’t idle when the engine has been warmed up can be due to many things. The most common reason for an ATV to not idle when warm is often from the choke not set right, valves needing adjustment, to even the very rare one like battery cables – yeah, it’s possible. I’m … Read more