Best ATV Sprayer – Buyers Guide

If you have a lot of areas to cover and need a small, affordable option for spraying water or chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides), then an ATV Sprayer is the best way to go about it.

Finding a good sprayer can be a bit tricky at times. You want something that won’t let you down and keeps going when you need it the most.

On top of all this, you have so many options to choose from. You have different tanks, motors, booms, swath width, and so much to factor in when buying a sprayer. What we want to do is create a guide to help you find the correct Sprayer for your needs. We go over the options and ideas to fit your need when looking to buy one.

Best all-around Sprayer?

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My pick for the best ATV sprayer would have to be the¬†NorthStar ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – 26 Gallon, 2.2 GPM.¬† (Amazon Link Ad)I haven’t had this sprayer let me down yet, and I’m very rough on it too. I will say I did have some leaks but tightening up the clamps fixed the issue.

What is an ATV Sprayer

All sprayers consist of a tank, pump, nozzles, flow control, and a way to spread the liquid.

A sprayer can be mounted on the back of an ATV or towed behind the ATV on a Trailer. Many of the tow behind models will have a trailer built into the tank and can be pulled by your ATV or riding lawnmower.

The tow behind sprayers are not as popular or even recommended as much as the tank mounted ones. The most popular models of sprayers are the units that you mount on the back of your ATV. This gets the tank higher and allows more accessories like booms to be installed easier.

Many of your sprayers will include a wand for spot spraying with a long hose, so you don’t always have to move the ATV.

The downside with rear mounted tanks is that it makes the ATV more top heavy. A 25 gallon tank can add about 200 pounds or about one extra rider weight to the machine. This can make spraying on a hill like you do for some tree farms a bit more difficult. With a rear mounted tank, you need to be more careful since you’ll be more top heavy. We recommend you don’t load the ATV on your truck or trailer until you have empty its contents.

Make sure the tank is secured to the ATV firmly. There should be no movement once full and mounted to the ATV. It never hurts to have an extra ratchet strap (Amazon Link Ad) on the Tank for good measure.

The size tank you need depends on how much area you need to cover. You also adjust the coverage by how much you allow out of the tank with the regulator. All Sprayers come with a chart to let you know how much area you can cover what pressure. Also, note that some sprayers don’t allow you to adjust the regulator or pressure.

Here is a short list of size of tanks you can get…

What ATV should you use?

The ATV you should use all depends on what you’re trying to do and what sprayer tank size you need. Most 500cc or greater machines will do just fine for the extra weight.

You got to check the rear rack for how much it can support when mounting a sprayer on it. I prefer rear racks made of metal over the plastic ones because the straps you get with the tanks feel more secure with the metal bars compared to the plastic.

If you can find an ATV with a battery mounted under the seat, then get that one. The electric pump on sprayers need a 12-volt battery to power them, and if the battery is under the seat the fewer wires you have to run. You could always mount a different battery on the setup, but using the ATV battery is more convenient as the stator will help to keep it charged while you use the pump.

Boom Sprayer

A boom sprayer has bars that extend beyond the ATV with nozzles on the underside of them. A boom is perfect for big open areas that need to be covered in a few swipes as possible.

You will find boom sprayers with larger tanks and more powerful pumps due to them having to spray more. Many of these bigger tanks have a lot nicer setup with the controls within reach of the driver. Often you need to mount your own on/off switch for easy placement for the driver.

Many boom sprayers will still come with the wand for spot spraying too.

We recommend sticking with a larger ATV, 650cc or bigger for the boom system. If you have a side by side or UTV, then they would work better. You got to keep in mind that the heavier the load on the rear the less control you have on steering. The bigger the machine for a boom sprayer the better.

Boomless Sprayer

A boomless sprayer does not extend from the side of the ATV. You can have 1 to many different nozzles for a boomless sprayer. Many of the boomless sprayers have angled sprayers so you can spray beyond the ATV width or spray in a particular direction.

A boomless sprayer is more than enough for your average user. These sprayers are usually smaller and more affordable compared to the boom sprayer. Becuase of this they’re more rapidly available and easier to get.