ATV Accessories You Need And Never Thought Of!

Let’s face it, there is a ton of different accessories you can get for your ATV or Side by Side. Some of it is painfully obvious like a winch, but some of it is stuff you may have never thought of.

I have created a big list of things you need or should have on or near your ATV. I also explain why you need it and how it can make your life a little bit easier.

Make sure to share this with all your friends so that they don’t miss out on some crucial riding gear!


First up is the helmet, It’s one of those accessories that are painfully obvious yet so many people don’t have one. You can get a helmet just about anywhere such as your local dealer, but the selection online is far better.

Here is a small selection of options to look at…

Tool Kit

A small toolkit is one of those things you really don’t think about getting until you need it. Things happen and while most manufacturers give you a small tool kit with most machines these days it still isn’t enough.

Picking up a tool kit like this one* is nice to have around. Things like a hammer and pliers are hugely important for getting yourself out of a bad problem. I have gotten a tree branch stuck under ATV and having a hammer works great!

Phone Charger

Everyone has a phone, so it only makes sense to have a way to charge that phone. There is a lot of ways to charge your Cell Phone. The most popular way is just the basic 12-volt plug charger like this one*.

What if you don’t have a 12-volt plug on your ATV? Well, there are some options for you. What you do is get one of these solar-powered chargers that are made to be hooked up to your phone. The great part of these things is that they don’t require it to be hooked up to the ATV.

I took the solar charger and I zipped tied it to the machine so that it’s always facing up. As I ride it charges its built-in battery and when I need to I hook my phone up to it to charge it.

The great part is that when you get to your campsite you can remove it and place it anywhere that is sunlight and charge it that way. Then at night you just hook your phone up to it and charge your phone.

Keep The Battery Alive

Since we’re on the topic of solar chargers I need to bring up the Solar Charger for your ATV. This is one of those accessories battery manufacturers don’t want you to buy. The key to keeping your battery alive for years is to keep it charged.

If you don’t drive your ATV constantly the battery will go dead. I did a post here about why your battery keeps going dead.

To keep the battery from going dead you’ll need to keep it charged. The best way to do this is either with a battery charger* or a solar panel*. If you’re nowhere near a power outlet then a solar panel is the one to get.

The part I find the most interesting is how cost-effective and better solar panels have gotten over the standard wall chargers I use to buy. I prefer using the solar panel because I store my ATV in a Shed where there is no power so the solar charger is the only option I have and it does work great!

12 Volt Tire Pump

I or someone I ride with will always carry a little 12-volt tire inflator* with us. Not only that we also will carry things like a tire patch kit because it’s easier to carry those than a whole new tire.

One time I had a torn that was about as long as my pinky finger inside of my tire. Since I had my pliers in my tool kit I was able to pull it out. Using the tire patch kit and the inflator I was back riding, which was a lifesaver as I was too far from the campsite to really drive it back without damaging the rim.

Tow Strap

Apart of the fun is getting stuck. So you got to make sure someone in your riding group has a good tow strap just in case somebody got stuck.

I like the straps with the hooks already on them like this one*.

First Aid Kit

A good first aid kit* can really be a lifesaver. Not really much thought into why you need it because you already know why you need it. I always make sure to get a kit that is diverse. A kit with string wipes all the way to a kit with extra bandages for whatever comes your way.

Extra Gas

If you do long trips then carrying extra gas is a must-have. There are fuel packs that are made for ATVs that mount very easily to the machine. I go into great detail about what to buy and even some extra advice here about carrying extra gas.

Dry Box

I like to carry a small dry box* around with me that I place in my bigger storage bags on my ATV. The small dry box works well to keep my phone, wallet, and keys in so that they don’t get destroyed when I’m riding.

You never know what you’ll run into when riding and it’s nice to know that your phone and wallet are safe. Also, it keeps the phone from getting beat around in my big bag.


Sometimes I like to listen to my music when I ride. I’m not the type of guy to get one those stereo kits that mount onto your ATV like this one*.

I’m more of the guy who just gets a basic bluetooth portable speakers* that I can carry around with me on the campsite.

What I do is pair it with my phone and have my phone mounted on my handlebars like this kit here*. This way I can control the music and just store the speaker in my storage boxes. I turn the volume up with my phone as needed and these things are loud enough to hear.


A good set of ramps are needed if you don’t have a trailer to haul your ATV around with. The ramps are not something you carry on your ATV so it was hard for me to put into this post but I figured we need to cover them.

This is the style of ATV ramps I use*. I like to go with the longest ramps I can get because the longer the ramps are the easier and less steep the climb in the back of the truck.

Make sure to lock up your ramps when you’re not using them and when leaving them in your truck. I’m quite surprised by how many people want to steal ATV ramps.


I know many people are like, my phone has GPS so why do I need a separate unit?  Well the GPS on your phone is not that great for ATV riding. For one the phone can easily get damaged. And two a purpose-built GPS like this one for an ATV* will always be the better option.

The coolest part of some GPS units for ATV is the data tracking. You can see where you went and how long it took. It really makes you want to out to new places and see what you can do.


A mirror* is one of those things you forget about until you look off to the side and start missing having a mirror like a car does. Mirrors are just basic and really keeps you from looking behind you all the time which is hard if you have a helmet on.

Storage Box

A storage box was the first accessories I bought for my ATV. If you do any real riding you’ll need a good storage box to keep your stuff in.

There are many of boxes for ATV’s out there, but here is a few to pick from…

Gear Grips

Koplin makes Ratcheting Rhino Grip* that I’m a real big fan of. I’ve used them for holding my rifle and also carried a shovel when I wasn’t using them for my gun.